Sunday, April 23, 2006

So, after I put the kids to bed I went to Kroger. I NEVER go to Kroger. I usually do the farmer's market, but jsut needed to get a few things for the babysitter to be set while I'm gone. I live downtown, so it's a really dodgey store.
I'm walking out the door and I see this tan van parked about 5 spaces down. Big guy in the passenger seat staring at me or the door. I assumed he was waiting for someone, but I just got a funny feeling the way he was looking. Call me paranoid, but I remembered one of htose cheesy forwards I got from someone about women being safe, blah , blah...
I stopped at the door to dig through my purse for my keys, instead of at the car, and I put them between my fingers just in case. Prego or not, I cna whip out some kick ass... All of the time thinking I'm being a dork, I go to my car and open the Passenger side door (away from the van) to put all of the groceries in. and I'm not looking at the van, but as I put the last bag in and close the door, he gets out and so does the driver. Even BIGGER guy. His face was all scared up like Seal (the singer). So I actually locked the car BACK up and took the cart all the way to the front of the store.
As I start walking toward the store, the driver comes around the back of my car, and the passenger goes over to the other lane, toward the front of my car. They're both talking on cell phones, but walking really slow. So I turn my back to them and take the cart up. When I turn back around the driver is litterally standing AT the back of my car talking on his phone, but obviously watching me. The store is busy, people are going in and out constantly. so I stand at the front door, fold my arms and just stare him straight in the eye. He's a good 10 yards away. At this point I was more pissed than scared. I've got 6 brohters. I'll kick their a$#es!!! Well, no. Better not to try that this time...
The other guy was still standing toward the front of my car, but not as close. They are totally standing there waiting for me to come back. I stood there for a good 60 seconds wating starign straight at him standing by my car. Makignit very clear that I'm not budging till they are gone.
Then 2 cars pull up and park in the parking places on both sides of my car. Tons of college students. I immediately start walking straight to my car while they are all right there next to it. The driver (at the back of my car) looks at the other guy and nods toward the store. They both hang up their phones and walk towards the store. I was in the car with the doors locked before they got inside.I don't know if they wanted my purse, or my car, or something worse. Travis pointed out that I was an easy target, since I can't run as fast being pregnant. JERKS! All I know is that I'm NEVER going Krogering late at night again on Howell Mill.