Monday, March 24, 2008

Life in the Fat Lane and Keeping it To Myself (and you,and you...)

Not that I'm staying in it. I'm just on the road to recovery from Fat Ass Syndrome he, he...

I'm keeping my weight loss blog private by invitation only, and I plan to change this to private next week. If you haven't been invited to my weight loss blog, it's because
  1. I didn't realize you were even reading this
  2. I don't have you're email address in my address book
  3. You may have 'broken up' with me, for loss of a better term to call it, and won't speak to me but like to know what I'm up to

So comment or email me if you want in on my weight loss and if you want to keep reading this blog. I just at this point am very aware that some people are reading who have decided to not have a relationship with me anymore. Totally your choice. Not trying to be hateful or nasty. Feel free to read , but I need this and my weight loss kept among friends who are supportive of where I am at right now, and are here for me.

If you think that this 'may' be directed at you, feel free to ask but it's most likely not. The few who I'm uncomfortable with know who they are for sure, and it is their choice.



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh A Few More

Talitha's Shrinking Ass (suggested by Jen Carr)
Watch Me Shrink
The Point of No Return

See my infatuation with the points system? Although, I still Love Mad Cow on the Mend Or Mad Cow Woman... Just cracks me up

It won't let me add those to the poll, so comment if you prefer one of those...

Weight Loss

Ok, so for those of you Weight Watchers gurus, I'm going to start a weight loss blog. Jen G inspired me to do it and I haven't taken the time this weekend, with Jacob's colonoscopy and all that.
I have to be honest. I feel fed up and determined. But I feel no confidence. I look at Jen G, Jen C and Candace with their pcitures and success. Deep down I don't feel like I can do it. I feel discouraged before I even start. But as my hard as# neighbor said, 'That's just another excuse." So, even though I doubt myself, I'm just going to go for it. I've been careful over the weekend but didn't really worry about points with everything going on.

Today I am going full force and I need all the help and encouragement I can get!

So what should I call the blog? I'm going to try to make a poll, just for fun. It's at the top on the right. I jsut came up with them super fast. Give me some suggestions!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Change of Events

Ok, so I've decided to embark on one of my other 'things to do before I die'. My intention was to write a book on regaining maternal instincts. I've decided to start it as a blog instead, which will soon include articles and interviews with different moms and eventually a discussion forum for readers.

So, for now you can find me blogging at . I may eventally make this blog private for people who want to read my more personal mussings. So, go check me out :)