Monday, May 15, 2006

So, about the Bahamas...

It's taken me awhile. Didn't feel like posting about it at first, well, becasue it all sounds quite aweful. It really wasn't, though. It's just that the interesting and umm... appropriate parts worth sharing are pretty funny.
Well if you read about missing our flight, you already know how it started... a day late. My dad happened to be flying out on Wednesday to Colorado, so he was able to pick us up without us finding another ride. It was nice to be able to ride down with him and chat. When we got to the gate, they had changed our seats to the first row in first class. You know, the one with extra leg room? It was great. Would have been nice to not be 7 months pregnant and be able to enjoy a drink, but oh well..
So when we landed we found a payphone to cal lthe guy we had emailed about renting a 'bahama buggy'. A dune buggy, basically. Soooo cool, rihgt? Wrong. His computer was 'messed up' so he never got our reservation. He only had regular cars left for rental, and he was flying back from florida himself, so he couldn't get us from the airport like planned.
So $25 later the Taxi dropps us off at teh front of the Coral Beach Resort where we are staying. The building was obviously under a lot of construction, which really didn't bother us but may have ticked someone else off. They did jsut go through two horrible hurricanes in a row. Luckily our room had been completely renovated and was really nice, except for the construction sounds outside. We called the car guy again, he said he would be there in 20 minutes and would call our room.... so we wait, and wait, and take a nap, and wait.. At about 4 (we landed at 11am) he finally calls and says he'll be there in a few minutes. Grrrr. At least he was that time.
So Wednesday and Thursday were pretty uneventful.. We walked the beach and swam. Had lots of fun. Tried hard to find something interesting to eat that wasn't fried.. ugh...
Thursday night we call the house to check on the kids, who somehow were really stressing Kathryn out. Which in turn stressed us out, alot. There were people everywhere with their kids having fun, and we already regretted not bringing them. We talked to them every night after that and things just didn't seem to get much better at home. It's been 2 weeks and Jacob is still traumatized that we left him, I guess.
Friday was fun. We saw an add for the filming of 'Pirates of the Carribean II and III". So we hoped in the car and drove about 45 minutes out into the middle of nowhere to the film site. They had security fence with caution sgns everywhere, but there was no one at the security station. It was pretty fun to sneak around. The remains of some of the boats were still tied to the docks, so we snuck on. It was pretty cool.We added it to our list.
Travis lost his wallet on Friday afternoon, and I only had $80 left, $10 of which we had to use to buy a phone card to cancel his credit cards. We tore the condo apart, evne mifted the matress and all the furniture, but couldn't find it.
We spent the rest of the weekend on the beach and walking around Port Lucaya. It was nice. I actually dug a hole in the sand so I could lay on my belly and tan. Made for some funny pictures.
Overall sounds pretty boring. I don't know if it was really worth even writing all of this out. But in case you wanted to know.... not too exciting....
Oh, Travis found the wallet as he was putting his computer bag in the overhead storage on the plane. Poor guy was so pissed at himself.