Saturday, December 1, 2007

So Thirty I Am, Without Much Ado

Here I am. I'm thirty and still alive. I officially didn't marry Mac Powell of Third Day, thank God. It's Dave's fault, really. He got me to come hear his band play by telling me that the singer was hot, but that he was getting married. What was that? Crazy guy. Anyway, when I was introduced and asked him about the pending nuptials I found that there were none. I proposed out of embarrassment. What else could I do? I was 17 and added the stipulation 'if we are both single when we turn 30'. Didn't work mathematically, since he's certainly older than me. He has a beautiful family and I wouldn't trade mine for anything. So, all in all that's a good thing anyway. They are all awesome guys and I'm so happy for them and their success.
Oh, yeah. I'm thirty. It's a bit strange to say, but I like it. It never sounded old to me. It feels like the beginning of something better. An adventure in family... a take off into the unknown of becoming a woman. There's no 'girl' left, although I can be girlish at times. I think it's so stupid when full grown women consistently call themselves girls "I'm just a girl looking wistfully at the stars, blah, blah." It actually makes them look ridiculous, I think. I'm quite proud and comfortable to be woman.
I spent my day with my family, enjoying life. We went to the Children's Christmas Parade downtown this morning. We chose to ride Marta for no reason other than to let the kids have the experience of riding the Marta Train, like Popi does to work. They were enthralled. And then to see all of the floats and dancing on top of it. I got very happy kids for my birthday.
After the parade we went to get our Christmas tree. It was early for us, but Travis was going out of town this afternoon. If we put it off until after he gets home, something will come up and I'll be scrambling for a tree two days before Christmas. So tree hunting we went, and the one we got is lovely.
So we got Travis off this afternoon and I prepared for my 'Knit-in' with a group of moms from Atlanta Mommas . It's amazing the topics that can come up in a roomful of women and yarn. Especially when you mix size 35 needles with Nicole. Yikes, she can be dodgy! It was a good relaxing evening, with good cheap Two Buck Chuck to keep as all mellow.
So, I've been thinking over life, but I think I'll share more about that tomorrow. Today was just peaceful and full of family. That is my life, at 30.