Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home, Sick

Don't worry. It is what it means. I'm at home, and I'm sick. Although I saw a listing on the Internet for a small farm for $100,000 and it made me feel homesick for a home I've never had. So funny. I've always lived in the city until Bolivia. The farms jsut call to me. I'm such a nerd. I don't know why I want the country so badly lately.
So, I've got a low fever, a headache and my lungs ache. I've been holding it off all week but today it's hitting my like a ton of bricks. My eyes burn like I've been sitting next to a fire for hours. I wish I were.
I finally got "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey and we've read through the first half of the book. I like it, but I'm kind of disappointed. It's AWESOME for people who are just starting out on learning to take control of their budget. I like the way he writes. His budget outline is easy to use and he is very aggressive about.
We re-balanced our budget this week and it was exciting. All of these 'sacrifices' we've made over the past 9 months are starting to pay off. And ironically, they don't even feel like sacrifices anymore. We're enjoying this simpler life much more than we ever enjoyed all of the stuff that was holding us down. Every day feels free and challenging. We are living simply because we choose to. We are actually past the point where we have to do it to make ends meet. It's still challenging us. We love it

Ok, so I'm going to go post those 5 posts that are sitting here, and some pictures of the kiddos. Come back later!

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