Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So, in doing the laundry lately I keep noticing that jacob has two pairs of shorts on. He is OBSESSED with shorts and always wants to wear more than one pair. Yesterday I had him ready for dance class and turned around and he had pulled on another pair of shorts over his dance shorts.

Me: Jacob, why did put more clothes on?

Jacob: But mommy, I need more shorts

Me: Why, JacobJacob: Betuz mommy, Papi wears MORE shorts.

insert maniacal little grin and two chubby fingers in the air

Jacob: Papi wears TWO shorts, mommy!!

I will now be spending the rest of the day sewing insanely tiny little boxer shorts for my adorable one. And to think I was about to get iritated about the extra laundry.


The older two have been tromping around the house for two days as Dorothy and the Tin Man. Now, I certainly haven't let them see the movieand don't intend to anytime soon. I think they've seen a photo is all. If you happen to forget their new names they are quick to remind you of their assumed identities and no longer answer to their given names.

All of this over some confusion about the 'Lizard of Oz' and my children's ongoing obsession with cute little reptiles. I mean, what a wonderful land Oz must be, when you're off to see the Lizard....

Who could ask for better entertainment?

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