Thursday, January 24, 2008

Counting Blue Cars...

Yes, I'm going to use song titles for all my car posts. You know you like it!

This morning I woke the the sound of a a stampede down the hallway as Jacob rode his 'horse' in pursuit of a wild mountain lion named Selah. At 6:15am. Lucas was still out, so I took the rare opportunity to get some cutting done before I had to make breakfast. I threw together a batch of Jello to prepare for Jacob's 24 hour clear liquid fast. And of course, I confiscated the horse and the cheetah print sweater... Sleep is crucial when you're 18 months old.
I prepared for my Rethinking Reusables class by rummaging through my trash and recycling bin to find examples of all seven types of plastics . It was pretty simple to find the first 6, but try as I might, I couldn't find NUMBER SEVEN! It's the most toxic, I've heard, and ironically it's used to make those unbreakable water bottles like Nalgene bottles. Brilliant, huh?
I printed up my materials on how landfills work and had them ready to go. I packed snacks, backpacks and a laundry basket full of 'trash' for us to work with during class and off I went to pack it all into my lovely ride. The well in the back of the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan is huge. I fit everything in there nice and neat without a problem. As I loaded up the back I pushed the buttons for the side doors to open and by the time I was ready to buckle in the munchkins, the whole crew had climbed up and were ready to be restrained. Life can be so simple when the kids are latched down...
Before we headed to co-op we stopped off at our 'spiritual home' to visit at the mom's play group for a bit. I grabbed a cup of coffee and couldn't help sharing the van with some friends and showing them all of the cool features it has!
Kathrine, being 6'2" was just as excited about the button to adjust the height of the floor pedals as I was! Although for opposite reasons, since I'm only 5'4". It works for anyone's height to be comfortable! Do you know how many times I've gotten toe cramps, pressing the far-away pedals on road trips? Ugh..
Eventually I had no choice but to kick Kathrine and Harmony out of the van so that I wouldn't be late for out homeschool Coop. On the way there, enjoying the luxury of pedals I can reach, I decided to give the cruise control a shot. And it was good timing, considering that every time I looked down on the smooth ride up 75, I found that I was already going 80! So, although I was already on the freeway, I decided to go for it as a precautionary measure against a speeding ticket. I glanced down to find that the controls were completely different from my 2006. No worried though, just like everything else they were better. Simple to control without looking at the owner's manual. Once again, not having to stop what I'm doing to dig up instructions is always an extra perk.
I pulled up to Coop right on time and jumped out of the driver's seat as the doors were all doing their job and opening at the touch of a button. I popped open seat belts for little ones and grabbed my laundry basket out of the back. As we all walked away, I pressed the buttons again and all of the doors closed and locked. Ahhh... so simple. I suddenly realized that Dodge and I are in the same business! Finding ways to help moms without surgically attaching a third arm.
Coop went smoothly, although assembly cut my class time in half. We rushed through the seven types of plastics and talked about ways to recycle plastics. I ditched the landfill info to use next week. No worries we had a great class even if it was rushed. I taught all of the kids how to cut their plastic grocery bags and make them into PLARN, which we then braided so that next week we can coil them into bowls. It'll be great.
After class let out for break time I headed to the car with my basket and found a few guys from the upper grades who were most interested in checking out the stadium seating on the van.

Oh yeah. I think this van just gave me "Hey, Miss Talitha is cool!" status.

I headed back to what is called the 'Chit-Chat' room to get to know some of the other homeschool moms. I've always wondered how I would fit in with homeschool moms in general. I'm not the average one. you know. First of all, I was homeschooled my whole life, so I have a completely different outlook on it. Also, I do believe I'm the only one there who enjoys being a driven business woman, and loves tattoos and nose rings. I was worried that they wouldn't know what to do with me at first. Kind of like people who don't know what to do when a mother is sitting there breastfeeding in front of them. They get all fidgety and nervous, not knowing what to say or where to look. But I've realized that the discomfort is typically there when someone is putting forth an image, or a show. Mothers who are breastfeeding in public to make a point put out a vibe of challenge. The vibe is what makes people uncomfortable. I'm happy to say that I'm quite comfortable with my nose ring, and have no intention of giving off a vibe.The fact that I will openly speak of sex with moms who may have never said the word, only spell it is not a challenge. That's where they are at and I respect that. I don't have a mission to challenge them. It's ok. I'm happy to say that I feel like I fit in well, yet stand out all the same. I'm really enjoying my time with the homeschool moms.
Anyway, conversations turned to the van again so a few of us headed out so we could see how adults would feel in the back captains seats. Super comfortable of course, and thrilled that they're heated along with the front ones!

After the second hour of classes let out I wrangled some of my students together for a photo. Quick pop quiz...How many homeschoolers do you see in this van?

And just for kicks, and since I had the chance to not be behind the camera for a with me and a ridiculous amount of sun..

My kiddos got jealous of course, since it is their van, so they took a pic with some friends.

So, after a lovely day I headed home. I need to write about Jacob's testing. I'll get to that for tomorrow. For now let me say that keeping an active 3 year old on liquids only is a hard thing to do. Thank God for Jello.


Jo said...

"I was worried that they wouldn't know what to do with me at first...But I've realized that the discomfort is typically there when someone is putting forth an image, or a show."

BAAM! Your thoughts and words hit me like a ton of friggin bricks! I have been pondering a return to church (note, not a return to my faith, because that hasn't changed!). I think it is time to find a chuch that I can, once again, become an active member. I have been out of the scene for quite some time. Old church drama has left me jaded somewhat, but I digress... my point is that I am always afraid that I am the odd woman out. But your words really hit me upside the head... I don't think anyone is looking to judge me, because I am not going in there to put on a show or any image. I am just going to be me. Hopefully I can remember that when I make my way back to church!

Talitha said...

Go for it! There's freedom in knowing that you are you, and that peoples interpretation of what that means does NOT define you. You're beautiful, Jo. Don't let fear from past expereinces dictate your future. I can't wait to hear about your journey to finding a 'spiritual home'.