Saturday, January 26, 2008

On Comments

I've changed the preferences on my blog to allow anonymous comments again. I love all of the emails and myspace messages I've been getting in response to the blog, so I went ahead and changed it so that unregistered readers can comment. Comments make my day. I love knowing when someone reads me.
I am moderating all comments. If you want to post as anonymous because you're sharing something personal and don't want to be recognised, go for it. If you disagree with something that I write or say (which is entirely likely) I ask that you use your name. This blog is based on my being completely transparent and brutally honest. I'm seriously vulnerable here. Feel free to confront something I say 'face to face' or name to name, but if you hide behind the word 'anonymous' your comment will not be accepted.

So, go tell me what you think of my craziness!


Jo said...

did you listen to Bullfrogs and Butterflies when you were a kid? Music Machine? Thought you might be one of the few... if so, check out my blog!

Jennifer Carr said...

I found it! Yea!