Monday, March 24, 2008

Life in the Fat Lane and Keeping it To Myself (and you,and you...)

Not that I'm staying in it. I'm just on the road to recovery from Fat Ass Syndrome he, he...

I'm keeping my weight loss blog private by invitation only, and I plan to change this to private next week. If you haven't been invited to my weight loss blog, it's because
  1. I didn't realize you were even reading this
  2. I don't have you're email address in my address book
  3. You may have 'broken up' with me, for loss of a better term to call it, and won't speak to me but like to know what I'm up to

So comment or email me if you want in on my weight loss and if you want to keep reading this blog. I just at this point am very aware that some people are reading who have decided to not have a relationship with me anymore. Totally your choice. Not trying to be hateful or nasty. Feel free to read , but I need this and my weight loss kept among friends who are supportive of where I am at right now, and are here for me.

If you think that this 'may' be directed at you, feel free to ask but it's most likely not. The few who I'm uncomfortable with know who they are for sure, and it is their choice.




Jennifer Carr said...

Oh no, it's me, it's me. I just know it. We've broken up. I've offended you or you've offended me.
Just kidding. I love to read your thoughts and see what's going on with you, and I love even more being able to connect with you in person. I still would like to get together in the next couple of months to pick your brain about homeschooling.

lisa engle said...

though i don't check often, i do check and i love and support you..all of you...even the parts you're shedding.

Kelly said...

Fat Ass Syndrome! That is hilarious! Oh my! Keep it up hon!