Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tackling my Budgetting

You know, I'm so sick of and articles and suggestions on being frugal that all center around getting rid of your daily Starbucks (roll eyes). Really, haven't most people who are trying to spend carefully already done that? I need some hard core serious steps to savings, so I've begun my search.

I'm starting with the book Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy. My sister recommended it to me a few months ago, but cheapo me does not buy books. And for some reason I subconsciously avoid libraries. (I'm working on that, too. Free books and videos ARE a good thing). Well, at my mother's house yesterday morning I saw it in her shelf and almost danced the running man (well, generation X doesn't DO a jig...). So I grabs it with a promise to return it quickly, and had the book read in it's entirety by 1 am this morning. Do you see why I had to give up books for 4 years? I'm dangerous like a coke addict, but that's for another post.

Jonni gives some good information and it was a relief to see some real nitty gritty. She does dedicate some space to the whole Coffee thing, but I guess some people really DO need to hear that again. Some of her suggestions are a little out of my league but all in all I felt challenged and have some notes for improvements in our budgeting tactics.

I especially like some of her recipes and cleaning suggestions. I already do a good bit on that count but she had more information that I had seen so far. I can't wait to try her 'Homemade Grapenuts' and 'Huevos Rancheros'. I'm not sure that I will go so far as to make my own toothpaste. I personally find it easier to use cloth wipes with my cloth diapers than to bother with making my own disposable wipes. But not everyone is into that.

So, bottom line it was an easy read with some good information. Go check it out!


Lon said...

Hey TS,

Great stuff! My dear wife Katherine is frrrrugal as well (I think she gets it from being Scottish).

BTW: Do you know how copper wire was invented? Two Scotsmen fighting over a penny...

Jo said...

soooo happy that you are back at it again! I love it when I find a good blog.

ps I'm going to steal your Proverbs 31 woman thing (will be 31 this year!) very cool idea.

Talitha said...

ION- Copper wire..he,he,he.. And I would have been the first to grab it from them and go recycle it. Did you know that copper is going for over $3 a pound now? We just gave away about 30 lbs. But to a good cause.

JO- I wanna see your 31, too! Age happens. And I'm enjoing it.