Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's In The Can

I forgot to mention that on the way home from camping we stopped at Jaemor Farms for some produce. I bought a oressure cooker/canner about a month ago and last week bought a rediculous amount of canning jars off of craigslist. So I was itching for something to try it out. I bought a bushel of tomatoes, a ton of peaches and some pears. Did you know that a bushel is TWENTY FIVE POUNDS!! I had no idea until we started peeling them. Luckily, Selah thought that was the coolest thing on earth and peeled almost the whole 25 pounds by herself. It was a long exhasting day, but I was a pretty proud woman when I saw the stacks of jars on my counter.

I didn't intend to be canning to save money. My initial intent was to use the pressure cooker for cooking dry beans. We eat beans a good bit to save $$ and it gets old soaking them overnight and then cooking them for a few hours. In a crazy homeschool day I often forget to put them on in time and have to do something else in the end. The cooker will cook dry beans in under 45 minutes from dry. That's what I call cool beans. Dear God? Did you really intend for me to have such a tacky sense of humor?

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