Sunday, September 2, 2007

Breathing Fresh Air

My husband wrote me this in an email: " I read your blog. For me it's like mentally smelling you and kissing you, among other things. I love your picture too. It is beautiful. You are the woman of my dreams, always uncovering dreams that I haven't even realized." What did I do to find such a man? I'm humbled by the knowledge that I am somehow deserving to be his wife.
I played dress up with my kids and our house became a castle with the coffee table turned on it's side for a stable. I was an honored servant of the queen. Should have done more schoolwork, but I marked it down as a field trip. It works for me.
My new neighbor (the grandma with the fence) left a 'Country Living' magazine in my mailbox with a post it note saying, "I was done reading this and thought you would enjoy it." I sat on the couch with the window open to listen to the rain, flipping the pages with a cup of coffee while children slept.
It was such a sweet day. I was a good mom. Sometimes we wonder if we are doing a good job. Today felt great.

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