Monday, September 3, 2007

Had A Good Day

I just love life right now. Every day with my children is amazing. The things that come out of their little minds are phenomenal. In a world where no one wears their hear on their sleeves anymore (only on their blogs, ahem) a child will speak from the pure innocence of their heart. They refresh me.

It was a beautiful day. Travis spent the morning outside with the kids working on the lawn. It was so great. Many times I mow the lawn because he doesn't have time, which is fine with me. I don't mind at all. For some reason I have an unexplainable fear of the edger, though. What is that? I've never used it. I'll hike that poor mower over the brick and stone walkway, angle it up a hill to where it is almost on it's side. I mean I'm a madwoman with that thing. But pull out that edger and I'll head inside to do the dishes, thank you very much. I should think about what that is about sometime. I'm always tracing my quirks to the roots. I'll tell ya when I find it.
We went out for the afternoon to do some errands and got completely sidetracked by a call to hang out at a friends house. So, off we went down the street with the whole crew, bearing homemade salsa and ginger dips as an offering for munching. We had a great time. The kids ran around like crazy. It was a good day. Makes me realize how blessed I am to be where I am.

So nothing monumental to report. Just happy all around.

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