Monday, November 12, 2007


So what to do with this. Really. I’m at a loss.
I’ve been looking for some ladies that I can contract to make straps for my website. It’s been very difficult. The first person was a friend who helped me set the prices. They sounded fair. She said what was reasonable, I said great. Last week I gave her a stack that I desperately needed done. She handed them back two days later undone saying that she didn’t have the time after all, and that it wasn’t worth it for so little money. Confusing.
Someone from my church referred a grandmother to me who already works but is raising her 3 grandchildren on her own. Loves to sew and could use some extra money in the evenings. Sounded good. She came over and was just a lovely person. I enjoyed every minute with her. But she wanted to be paid $15 an hour and some assurance of steady work. Umm, not with this, yet…
By this weekend you can imagine I was pretty frustrated, getting behind on orders and had committed to doing another yard sale. I got a call from someone who had heard about it from a mom in my homeschooling coop. She sounded perfect. Like an angel waiting. It was a little awkward because she did not have Internet or a cell phone. Said they were too stressful and couldn't have them in her home. I could handle a little inconvenience in communication, assuming that she was reliable. I scheduled for her to come today and spend several hours sewing with me to get caught up.
The yard sale was at my mother's house and it was mush simpler for us to all spend the night there. I took my fabrics and machine to work away in the evenings. As usual I got caught up in girl time with Hannah and Naomi and didn't do as much as I needed. Yesterday afternoon we headed home, and I knew I really needed to get crackin'. As we got home I rushed in and started setting up immediately, when I heard a crash behind. I turned to look out the back door to see Travis coming through it with a look of horror, cursing badly designed sewing machine cases. In his hands, my machine cracked through the body. I plugged it in and it was a mess. I took a breath and chose composure.
Luckily Mary had mentioned having 2 great machines. I had one back up so I simply called her and asked her to bring one of hers to sew on. I told her what happened and she said she could absolutely bring her own machine. And that she would pray for me. She is apparently a very devout Catholic because, like several other times I have talked to her, she was on her way to church.
I put it all out of my mind for the evening an enjoyed some time with my husband last night, instead of rushing to my machine.
I woke this morning feeling confident that we would make headway. Mary has been sewing for 35 years. Surely we can breeze through. Um, not so much.
The phone rang at about 8:15 as I was clearing the table and setting up my cutting mat. I answered to find Mary at the other end.
Ok, I know that I don't have the words exactly as quoted. The conversation was so completely unexpected and bizarre. I've done the best I can with it.
Me: Hello.
Mary: Hello, This is Mary. I was just calling to tell you that I am not going to be able to accept the work you've offered me.
Me: I expected you would be here in a few hours. Have you been offered a full time job somewhere? You mean you aren't coming today?
I knew she had been unemployed for over a year, so maybe that was it.
Mary: No, I haven't found a job yet. I feel like I need to ask you something. Do you have a buddha shrine in your home?
We had spoken several times about religion, so she obviously know I was a Christian.
Me: A what? Definitely not. We did purchase this house from a couple who had a buddha shrine in the house.
Mary: Well, during prayer at church last night, I prayed for you and your business. God showed me that there is a Buddhist spirit on your house. Do you know any Catholics that can get you access to holy water? You need to have a priest come pray the prayer of (can't remember who). Make sure you open all of the doors and windows and get your children out of there!!
Me: We have had our home prayed over, and that spot specifically was prayed over.

She rambled on a bit more and then hung up. I'm shocked. As I said, I'm at a loss.

My instinct tells me that God did show her something. The fact, that there is a cubby that was built into the wall specifically for a buddha shrine when we bought it, and that this woman has never been to my house, cannot be overlooked. We have had some seriously hard circumstances in this home. Is it all because of a spirit hovering to destroy us? Of course it is. Satan doesn't want to see anyone who loves the Lord prosper. Not sure that it is all on account of buddha.

What I do not understand, is that she obviously was not coming because of this revelation. If God gave her this information, didn't she recognize he chose her for a reason? Doesn't she have some responsibility to act? When she asked if I knew any Catholics, I should have said, I know you. Part of me wants to call her back and confront her on that. Also, if she is so strong in her faith and so grounded in prayer, shouldn't she feel completely safe from the threat of some measly spirit? I don't know her past. Maybe she has some specific reasons in her history that she is not able to deal with this, and judging her heart it not mine to do. I just seriously question her fear. And her actions.
We'll call 'the guys' as we all call the pastoral team at Trinity I know they'll be up for a good ol' spirit ousting. I just feel shocked and overwhelmed. And still VERY behind.

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