Monday, November 5, 2007

Praying For A Miracle

So, there's this house. It's perfect in size, location, yard, color, brightness, EVERYTHING. Well, everything except the $268,000 price tag. Sigh....

I've been struggling with wanting to move. I know if really stresses Travis out and I feel so bad. I'm thankful for the house we have and I just don't know where else we could go outside a 3 mile radius and still live the way we live. I LOVE that we are surviving and actually ENJOYING having one vehicle. It makes us much more purposeful with what we are doing with our time and coordinating what we can do together as a family more. I love being close to the church and about the same distance from each of our families. I love our neighborhood, the good and the bad of it. I feel so lucky with my pocket of peace inside the big city.
The problem? Our house is 1100 sq feet. Smaller than many apartments. Two bedrooms, one bath. It's livable and I'm thankful for it, but I know that we can't stay here indefinitely. We have all three children in one room and no way of changing that as Selah gets older. While I am absolutely THRILLED with how busy Sugar Sprouts is getting, the setup is wearing on my family and it feels impossible to contain without a separate space for it. We can do it, and there are certainly people who have it worse off that us.

But this house for sale.. It's in our neighborhood so we could stay where we are comfortable. It's off of the main street, where we are now, so we wouldn't see 20-30 homeless men walking by ever morning. Not that they've ever been anything but respectful to us but others on the street have had incidents. It has FOUR BEDROOMS!! Can you imagine??? A boy room, a girl room AND a sewing room. Is has a fenced in yard and a better driveway. A pretty porch on the front, unlike the death trap attached to the front of ours.
So, I've been secretly praying that their house doesn't sell for a month now. I know there is no way that we could afford that. Well, unless we want to be completely irresponsible and impulsive in the purchase but I've seen that bite others in the butt. No thanks. But what if it sat for a year? And in that year we could save enough for a good down payment and fix our house enough to get a good profit? It's possible, right? And then they would be desperate to sell and take $230 for it? If we could have $50,000 between our sale and a down payment and get debt free (which we are close to) then we could do it!
And if not, in the meantime I know that God's going to provide somewhere we can settle in with this growing family. I just need to be patient. I guess the bottom line is that the possibility of this house for sale gives me hope. I'm not married to the idea. I'm just enjoying dreaming about it.
In the meantime, my poor neighbors sale is being prayed against. Poor things......feel free to join in and pray with me...wink,wink....

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