Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ahhh, The Things They Say

So, last night Selah and I were talking about days of the week as she was getting ready for bed. Now, keep in mind she had her most matter-of-fact, 'I'm a big girl' voice out, as if she were a teacher....
Selah: Mom, if today was Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday and we will go to church."
Me: Yes, you've got it. And what days come next?
Selah: Mom, this is crazy! There's Monday, then Tuesday,(her tone is getting a bit frantic at this point)
then Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday. (now high pitched and distraught)
And then, Mom, it's just another Saturday! It's just a big circle (throwing her arms about in a circle, wild eyed) and we have to stop this! Somebody has GOT to make some more days, Mom!!!!!

So, um....yeah... More day's would be FABULOUS, darling. And a few extra hours a day would be a great touch, too.

Now, Jacob is a bit more whimsical with his thoughts this week. So as he was going potty the other afternoon...

Jacob: Momma, Does Popi have a penis?
Me: Yes, he does. He is a man.
Jacob: Momma, did you have a penis?
Me: No, my love. I am a woman. I have a vagina.
Jacob: (quite forlorn) I sorry, Momma. I LOVE my penis.
Me: Well, you're a boy, darling. You always will...

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