Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For Christ's Flake..

I mean that in a good way, really. Last week, while lamenting over the missed chance to make Molasses Snow Candy while in Kansas (no recipe, unfortunately) Selah and I prayed a silly little "Dear Jesus, thanks for the rain last time we prayed. Now we want snow!"
Well here it is. The kids are napping. I've got Tori Amos playing and a big mug of organic Peruvian coffee from the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Outside my Studio window big gorgeous flakes of white are falling lazily to the ground, in hopes of finding a place to stick. Oh please stick! I'm so torn. I want to enjoy this momentary escape, yet I want to run in and wake up the kids to go see the awe on their faces! What to do... I'll finish my cup of Joe. Relaxing escape in a chipped red mug. After that we'll see where we stand.
So did you catch that? I called my office, workroom, studio. Everyone who comes over keeps calling it that, so I may as well give in. Travis is going to ream me, after all of the fun we've poked about people calling some closet they have their computer in a 'studio'. (don't be offended. You know I love you!) Well, it is what it is.
Wait, I hear little feet! Ah, Selah! Off to go twirl my little girl outside and convince her our house has been moved inside a giant snow globe........

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